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Litteraturtips för forskarhandledare

KI documents and policies

Ethics in supervision and research

Tools, articles and books

  • PhD diaries: A useful resource to help PhD supervisors and their students discuss and find solutions to various scenarios.
  • Mark Sinclair (2005). The pedagogy of ‘good’ PhD supervision: a national cross-disciplinary investigation of PhD supervision. Report from the Faculty of Education and Creative Arts, Central Queensland University, Australia. Please focus on pages 26-35.
  • Sören S.E. Bengtsen (2016). Doctoral Supervision. Aarhus University Press, Denmark.
  • Eva Brodin, Jitka Lindén, et al. (2016). Forskarhandledning i teori och praktik. Studentliteratur.
  • Paul Atkinson, Sara Delamont, Odette Parry (2004). Supervising the Doctorate. A guide to success. McGraw-Hill Education.
  • Roger Qvarsell, Stefan Einhorn, et al. (2008). Forskarhandledares robusta råd. Studentlitteratur.
  • Monika Appel, Åsa Bergenheim (2005). Reflekterande forskarhandledning. Studentlitteratur.
  • Mats Alvesson, Ola Bergström, et al. (2003). Avhandlingen. Om att formas till forskare.Studentlitteratur.