OFR, Offentliganställdas Förhandlingsråd, består av flera fackförbund som tillsammans förhandlar gentemot Arbetsgivaren. På Karolinska Institutet är det Fackförbundet ST, som största förbund inom OFR, som då representerar alla medlemmar från samtliga fackförbund som ingår i OFR.

Petition to change the legal grounds for permanent residency for doctoral students and other researchers

As many of you are aware, controversy has arisen over the changes to the migration legislation and how it impacts doctoral students and other early career researchers.

Basically, the changes mean that instead of being able to get permanent residency after 4 years, doctoral students and other early career researchers from non-EU/EEA countries are now facing significantly reduced chances of getting to stay in Sweden in a manner that has a high level of certainty and predictability (i.e. with a permanent residency permit). This is due to a requirement of having an at least 18-months long employment contract, in a situation where very few PhD-students or recently graduated PhDs are granted such long-term contracts.

This has create a lot of stress and anxiety among the concerned doctoral students. At the same time it also constitutes a poorly though-out approach from the Swedish state, that basically funds doctoral students for 4 years or more with tax payers' money, and then create obstacles when these highly qualified people want to stay and contribute to society.

Fackförbundet ST has worked together with other actors to create this petition to change things. Please sign and let's hope for a swift reversal of these policy changes!


The petiton has been sent to to politicans and here you can find a joint statement from the Union ST among others.

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