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Doctoral programme in Environmental factors and health

Programme overview

The doctoral programme Environmental Factors and Health (EFH) offers a high quality doctoral education in toxicology and health risk assessment for doctoral students. EFH is also a platform for collaboration with other national and international universities and organisations that provide education in toxicology and health risk assessment.

Sign-up information

All doctoral students and post docs are welcome to participate in the courses and activities organised by the Doctoral Programme in Environmental Factors and Health. If you would like to receive information on upcoming courses and programme activities, please send an e-mail to the programme administrator Johanna Bergman.

EFH Courses

The doctoral programme Environmental Factors and Health EFH provides courses in different aspects of toxicology and health risk assessment. All EFH courses within the programme with links to the course syllabus is found here.

Application period to courses in the doctoral programme Environmental Factors and Health in fall 2019 is 15 April - 15 May 2019.

If you would like to apply to a course after the application deadline please contact the programme administrator Johanna Bergman.

Other educational activities


In the seminar series doctoral students and post docs give presentations on their projects. One seminar is given each month and at each seminar two students present. Supervisors and other senior scientists also attend the seminars. A senior scientist chairs the seminar series. The seminars give possibility for the presenting student to train communication skills and all attending students to gain and discuss knowledge as well as give possibility for networking.

Programme for fall 2018
Programme for spring 2018
Programme for spring 2017
Programme for autumn 2016
Programme for autumn 2015 and spring 2016
Programme for autumn 2014 and spring 2015


Workshop Date
How to communicate your research without creating media alarms May 15, 2018
Grant applications for PhD students and post docs May 10, 2016
Career workshop: Is there life outside academia? February 5, 2015
Career retreat October 2, 2014
Career workshop: “How do I write a successful job application?” May 21, 2014
Funding. How/where to apply, and other useful tips April 11, 2014
Managing your PhD November 25, 2013
Risk communication May 22, 2012
Career opportunities for PhDs within the field of Environmental Factors and Health January 24, 2012
Career workshop “How do I make my job interview successful?” January 24, 2011
Career workshop “How do I write an appealing CV” May 20, 2010

Popular science book club

In the popular science book club the doctoral students read and discuss a popular science book in the field of toxicology and environmental medicine. The students gain a broader perspective on their doctoral education and the impact on their scientific field on the important processes of sustainability and environmental goals in the society.
Autumn 2015: This changes everything: capitalism vs the climate by Naomi Klein
Spring 2015: Our stolen future by Theo Colborn, Theo Colburn, John Peter Meyers and Silent spring revisited by Conor Mark Jameson

Movie night

Doctoral students meet and watch and discuss movies in the field of sustainable development. The students gain a broader perspective on their doctoral education and the impact on their scientific field.
Autumn 2018: The Devil We Know
Spring 2017: Before the Flood
Autumn 2015: 2012: Time For Change
Spring 2015: The Collapse, The World according to Monsanto
Autumn 2014: Underkastelsen

Journal club

Please contact Monika Ezerskyte if you are interested to attend.

Scientific retreat in Turku (Åbo), Finland 2016

Participants from the EFH programme visited Turku, Finland and joined in the FinPharmaNet’s annual meeting in August 2016. FinPharmaNet is the National network for training in drug research and toxicology for PhD students in Finland.
All PhD students and post docs that participated gave a short presentation about their research project.

EFH Steering Committee

Steering committee

Johanna Zilliacus, programme chair

Kristian Dreij, teacher representative

Tomas Ekström, teacher representative

Helen Håkansson, teacher representative

Ralf Morgenstern, teacher representative

Charlotte Nilsson, Swetox

Lena Palmberg, study director

Stefan Spulber, teacher representative

Ayman Alhamdow, doctoral student representative

Monika Ezerskyte, doctoral student representative

Mikael Ringh, doctoral student representative

Emma Åkerlund, doctoral student representative

Jessic de Loma, doctoral student representative

Imran Ali, post doc representative

Contact EFH

Programme head


Johanna Zilliacus

Telefon: 08-524 835 44
Enhet: Biokemisk toxikologi

Programme administrator


Johanna Bergman

Telefon: 08-524 872 66
Enhet: Administration

News and announcements

There is still a possibility to apply for course vacancies at the course 3125 Health risk assessment: principles and applications, 2019-03-18 -- 2019-03-22. Please send your application via email to: Link to all vacant doctoral courses.


Registration is open to the Nordic PhD Summit "Health Sciences Across Borders" at KI, Aula Medica, August 21-22
Poster for advertisment

Swetox Academy Workshop for PhD students and postdocs, August 22-23, 2017

Training for PhD students interested in food safety risk assessment and EFSA.
Are you interested? Then this competition is for you. EFSA offers an opportunity for PhD students working in a field relevant to EFSA’s remit to participate in the induction training of EFSA’s EU-FORA fellowship programme. The cost-free training will take placeat EFSA in Parma, Italy, from 4 to 22 September 2017.