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Vincent Serge Georges Roy-Di Piazza

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I am an early modern historian of science and religion, political economy, and the Northern World. I recently obtained my PhD at Oxford (2022) in history of science, medicine, economic and social history.

I am the Hagströmer Fellow 2023 at the Hagströmer Library, Division of History and Cultural Heritage of the Karolinska Institute, and a Postdoctoral Humanities Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. I am an Associate Fellow of the British Royal Historical Society (elected Sept. 2022).


As a Hagströmer Fellow, I am working on the history of metallurgy and race in eighteenth century Sweden.

My research more broadly explores science and religion within global early modern networks, Scandinavian slavery, and body-politics during the Enlightenment period. I am also a specialist of the life and works of Swedish parliamentarian, philosopher and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) and have a wider interest in currents related to his ideas and posterity (millenarianism, abolitionism, political economy and environmental thought). My doctoral thesis, titled 'Homo Maximus: Emanuel Swedenborg and the interaction of soul and body' provided a new intellectual biography of Swedenborg centred on his lifelong interest for the soul-body problem within the debate's scientific, religious and socio-political contexts.

My peer-reviewed publications explore the technoscientific development of Swedish science in times of warfare (Etudes Germaniques, 2021) and the links between the afterlife and debates on extra-terrestrialism in the early modern period (Annals of Science, 2020). My upcoming article in the Intellectual History Review, based on my Senior Kirkaldy Prize 2021 winning essay, focuses on notions of African superiority, colonization, race and slavery during the Swedish Age of Liberty.


PhD Oxon, MA ENS, MA, EPHE, BA Sorbonne Nouvelle, BA, Sorbonne