Timmy Fyrner


Om mig

Senior Scientist within immunology since 2021 and a member of Prof. Hans Grönlund's research group at the Department of Clinical neuroscience. Chemical bioconjugation is an important tool in the development of next generation of personalized biologics. At the Karolinska Institute we are exploring a platform where biological cues are presented to modulate and control the immune response. This technology will be used to develop novel vaccines or tomorrow's cancer therapies, form bench-to-bedside.

I am an organic chemist by training defended my thesis in 2012 at Linköpings University titled "Synthesis of Orthogonally Functionalized Oligosaccharides for Self-assembled Monolayers and as Multimodal Tools in Chemical Biology".

Since 2014 my primary focus has been within translational research where scientific discoveries are transformed into clinical settings. During this translation process, important factors such as chemical compatibility, materials processing, and scale-up are reviewed and optimized.