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Martin Sundström Rehal

Om mig

A clinician-researcher at the Department of Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care at Karolinska University Hospital. I am nearing the latter part of my residency in anesthesiology and intensive care with hopes to continue practicing with a focus mainly towards intensive care medicine. As a researcher I am a PhD student affiliated with the ICU Metabolism group at our clinic, under the supervision of Senior Professor Jan Wernerman. My research projects focus on measuring energy expenditure in ICU patients, the effects of exogenous nutrients on whole body protein balance and availability of endogenous macronutrients during critical illness. I'm passionate about knowledge translation through social media in medicine, and occasionally tweet as @decafmartin about ICU nutrition/metabolism and other things.    


The focus of my thesis is energy metabolism during critical illness, and the significance of energy expenditure with regard to exogenous nutrient handling and endogenous substrate utilization.  Our projects investigate...

  • the validation of breath-by-breath indirect calorimetry in ICU patients.
  • the effects of parenteral amino acids on whole body protein balance during critical illness.
  • the effects of enteral energy delivery on whole body protein balance in ICU patients.
  • endogenous macronutrient turnover during critical illness in relation to energy expenditure.


Pedagogiska meriter

I have a strong interest in medical education and hold regular teaching activities for medical students and resident physician training programs.

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