Janne Lehtiö, Cancer Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry

Janne Lehtiö


My main research interest is to improve cancer precision medicine via proteogenomics. By proteogenomics, we aim to improve cutting edge systems-analysis of human proteome by combined multi-omics.

Om mig

I'm professor in medical proteomics at Karolinska Institutet with shared position as chemist heading the cancer proteomucs unit at Karolinska University Hospital. My research focus is on cancer proteogenomics. Currently, I'm heading the research group with 30 talented, dedicated persons at the Department of Oncology-Pathology, KI. I have also over the years supervised 15 PhD students and 17 postdoctoral fellows.

Part from cancer proteogenomics research, I have focused on developing research infrastructures, from heading core facilities and national infrastructure initiatives to expert assignments in the field of technology driven life science. Since 2018, I serve part time as Scientific Director in Swedish national bioscience infrastructure, SciLifeLab, as well as in precision medicine area-lead steering board of large national Data Driven Life Science program, Board of directors in Karolinska Comprehensive Cancer Center and scientific advisory boards for national infrastructures in both Finland (Biocenter Finland) and Norway (NOPI), as well as guest professor in Inflames flagship project at University of Turku. As common nominator, I'm part of team coordinating precision medicine diagnostics development in the joint task force between Karolinska Institutet and University Hospital, aiming to speed up introduction of new systems level omics analysis in diagnostics. 


My major research interest is in improving human proteome analysis focusing on precision cancer medicine.We have published number of novel methods for proteome analysis (HiRIEF in-depth proteomics), multi-omics (mainly proteogenomics such as IPAW pipeline) and cancer research applications. Our current proteogenomics research focus is on lung and breast cancer as well as on a newly started program on childhood and adult leukaemia. We have also focused on implementation research by developing clinical decision support tools for omics, namely Molecular Tumor Board Portal used in large genomics clinical trial conducted by Cancer Core Europe (BoB trial).

Our groups research focuses on iterative cycle of research on technologies to improve molecular understanding of cancer, analysis of clinically relevant question with focus on predictive medicine and working towards clinical implementation. We aim to answer the question: How can be match most effective treatment for each patient using proteogenomics.

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Support systems to guide clinical decision-making in precision oncology: The Cancer Core Europe Molecular Tumor Board Portal. Tamborero D, Dienstmann R, Rachid MH, Boekel J, Baird R, Braña I, De Petris L, Yachnin J, Massard C, Opdam FL, Schlenk R, Vernieri C, Garralda E, Masucci M, Villalobos X, Chavarria E, , Calvo F, Fröhling S, Eggermont A, Apolone G, Voest EE, Caldas C, Tabernero J, Ernberg I, Rodon J, Lehtiö J Nat Med 2020 07;26(7):992-994


Pedagogiska meriter

Our group organizes several courses on proteomics and multi-omics data analysis as well as cources on precision medicine each year. For more information check KI and SciLifeLabs cource program.


I achieved MSc degree in biochemistry from Helsinki University, Finland and PhD in engineering (biotechnology) at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. Post the PhD, I worked few years in biotech industry in USA and Europe; and obtained postdoctoral experience in cancer research at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. In 2009, I got an assistant professor in proteomics (docent) merit at Karolinska Institutet and was pointed to the faculty Professor position 2015. Since 2006, I have also been director of the Karolinska University Hospital’s clinical proteomics facility and since 2021 holds share position at pathology clinic as hospital chemist.

Akademiska priser och utmärkelser

2015   Research infrastructure fellow, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

2015   The Swedish Mass Spectrometry Society medal in the honor of Jöns Jacob Berzelius

2009             Thought Leadership Award, Agilent Foundation, USA.