Helena Hervius Askling Foto: Emelie Otterbeck

Helena Hervius Askling

Anknuten till Undervisning/handledning

Infectious Diseases specialist and Associate Professor in Infectious Diseases with expertise in vaccinology.


Clinical and register based research. Vaccine immunogenicity and effect in different subpopulations such as immunosuppressed, pregnant, elderly and obese persons. A special interest in Tick-Borne encephalitis; vaccination/implementation/health economics and clinical outcome in relation to vaccination status. 

Pedagogiska meriter

2103- Course Leader and Founder. Vaccinology in practice for Medical Doctors and nurses. Annual, two week course (3 hp). https://utbildning.ki.se/course-syllabus/9K2010/25434


2015 Advanced Course of Vaccinology https://www.advac.org/