Daniel Berglind

Daniel Berglind

Postdoktorala studier

Conducting research focusing on public health related aspects of health such as physical activity, physical fitness and obesity; mostly using registry-based and intervention studies. 

Peer-reviewed articles in PubMed 

Om mig

Research interest in early life determinants of later health outcomes and physical activity/fitness related interventions aiming to improve health at a population level.

Personal interests include strength and aerobic exercise, that's about it..... 


Ongoing projects

RCT: a policy-based intervention (in collaboration with Region Stockholm/Stockholms Stad) among 124 public preschools and 3000-ish children aiming to increase physical activity in preschoolers': https://ces.sll.se/var-verksamhet/aktiviteter-och-projekt/rorelseprojek… 

RCT: an exercise intervention aiming to increase physical fitness in individuals who seek asylum 

Developing a smartphone app (at CES: https://www.ces.sll.se/halsometern) to assess levels of physical activity in real-time on a nation-wide scale. 

Registry-based studies on early life determinants of later health outcomes

Peer-reviewed articles in PubMed 

Main supervisor for 3 doctoral students

Supervised 2 doctoral students as main supervisor

Pedagogiska meriter

>800 hours of documented education 2012-2022 at Karolinska Institutet (medical program, master courses in epidemiology, course leader for a PhD course on obesity etc.) 


Degree of Doctor, Medical Sciences

Thesis defense 2014-12-11, Department of Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet

Thesis title: “Maternal obesity surgery: Effects in women, spouses and offspring”

2004 - 2005: English, Stockholm University, Sweden

2005 - 2010: Master degree in Biomedicine, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

Akademiska priser och utmärkelser

Associate Professor (Docent i Folkhälsovetenskap) 

Research funding (main applicant):

VR (Scientific Council)

NFV (Research School of Caring Sciences)

ALF (Stockholm County Council)

Centrum för Idrottsforskning (CIF)

Lindhés Advokatbyrå