Arnaud Tognetti

Arnaud Tognetti


My interdisciplinary research projects focus on the evolutionary and psychological mechanisms underlying human cooperation and behavioural immunity.


An interdisciplinary approach

My work focuses on the evolutionary and psychological mechanisms underlying human social behaviour. I expanded my initial approach based on behavioural ecology by developing research programs that incorporate perspectives from behavioural economics and psychology. My research encompasses topics such as the influence of sexual selection on the evolution of cooperation and our behavioural defences against diseases. I have also broadened the scope of my research to include cross-species comparisons, testing the impact of cooperativeness on mate choice in two other social species: the mound-building mouse and sociable weavers. My current research project delves into human behavioural defences against infectious diseases. I investigate the presence of phenotypic cues of disease (facial, vocal, or olfactory) and their influence on interpersonal decision-making.