Anders Svensson-Marcial

Anders Svensson

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Conducts clinical radiological research in the field of abdominal and cardiac computed tomography (CT). Principal supervisor and co-supervisor for doctoral students at KI.

Om mig

I started my career as a license radiographer at the X-ray department at Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge in 1986 and have since 1987 worked full time with computed tomography (CT). Over the years, I have worked with method development and research in CT with a strong focus on optimization, individualization and dosing of intravenous contrast media for CT abdomen and heart. The result of this eventually led to a doctoral dissertation presented in 2015. Since 2011, I have been lecturing at the annual CT cardiac course for radiologists, cardiologists and clinical physiologists at the Center for Medical Imaging and Visualization (CMIV) in Linköping. I am a course leader for the annual CT cardiac course for radiographers at CMIV since 2017. I have been a course leader for further training in CT
within the master's program for radiographers at Karolinska Institutet (KI). Been course leader for image visualization course at KI. Lectured in the field of CT at congresses and medical universities both nationally and internationally. Principal supervisor and assistant supervisor for doctoral students.


1) Optimization of patient preparation at cardiac computed tomography angiography (CTA).

2) The influence from patient cardiac output versus intravenous contrast media timing at cardiac CTA.

3) The influence from intravenous contrast media concentration versus visualbility of hypoattenuated leaflet thickening (HALT).

4) Optimization of  intravenous contrast media timing at adominal CT during portalvenous phase.

5) Optimization of intravenous contrast media dosage at photon counting computed tomography (PCCT) of the liver and pancreas.


Aug 2012 – Mar 2015

Karolinska Institutet

Doctor of Medical Science

Campus Huddinge, Sweden

Feb 2008 – Jun 2012

Karolinska Institutet

Medicine Licentiat

Campus Huddinge, Sweden

Aug 2003 – Jun 2004

Karolinska Institutet

Bachelor of Science

Campus Huddinge, Sweden

Aug 1984 – Oct 1986



Solna, Stockholm, Sweden