Vilija Oke, MD, PhD

Vilija Oke

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My research focus is skin inflammation in autoimmune disease. I believe that investigation of autoimmune skin inflammation can provide us with better insight in systemic autoimmunity .

Om mig

I am PhD and specialist in Rheumatology. Currently I have a position as a senior consultant at Academic Specialist Center, Center for Rheumatology.  I did my specialization in Rheumatology at Karolinska University Hospital. I defended my PhD thesis in 2011 at the Department of Medicine, Solna, Karolinska Institutet. The title of my thesis is “Studies on molecular regulation of inflammation in Cutaneous lupus Erythematosus”. I am currently a postdoc in prof. Elisabet Svenungssons group and continue with my initial research focus - skin inflammation in rheumatic diseases.

I did my medical training in Kaunas at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.


Major lines of research:


  1. Molecular pathogenesis of skin inflammation in cutaneous lupus erythematosus and other systemic rheumatic diseases (HUD-SS study).
  2. Co-morbidity in psoriatic arthritis (COMPASs study)

Team members:

Aliisa Häyry