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Shanli Hojjati


M.Sc. Major in Sociology

Om mig

I have a Master’s degree in Sociology and I am open for a PhD position to further develop my skills and education.

My research interest roots in Social Change and Social Stability – focusing on how the Digitalisation can impact Employee Voice and Empowerment, by studying in which ways the growth of Digital Labour Platforms have an impact on the gig workers' health.


I work in the GIG-HEALTH project (PI: Nuria Matilla Santander) and this project aims to investigate whether different types of digital platform work are associated with various health outcome.

To indentify the mechanism (through which types of platform work affect health and well-being) a mixed methods research design is used, combining both qualitative and quantitative data in its approach.

Learn more about the project here:


Master in Sociology, 2021, Stockholm University 

Bachelor in Sociology, 2018, Lund University


For more information about my work, please visit my website.