Om mig

I started to study medicine at Umeå University and graduated from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm 2011. I am currently a resident in orthopedic surgery at Danderyd Hospital. Since May 2020 I'm registered as a PhD student at KI DS.


I will study clinical research on our most common fracture – the distal radius fracture.

During my research education I will investigate complications and outcome at a long term follow up (10-years) comparing two different surgical techniques, external fixation and volar locking plate.

The second study will investigate the health economic aspect of displaced distal radius fracture in the elderly - comparing non-surgical treatment with volar lockning plate fixation.

In a third and four study we will applicate AI on radiological images of distal radius fracture to see if the network can be trained to classify distal radius fractures and also predict unstable fracture patterns that could guide decision making.