Bob Harris

Robert Harris


Om mig

KI Academic Vice President for Doctoral Education since 2019

KI Chair of International Advisory Council

Professor of Immunotherapy in Neurological Diseases since 2013

Principal investigator for the Applied Immunology & Immunotherapy research group (Dept. Clinical Neurosciences) based at the Centre for Molecular Medicine


We are primarily interested in understanding the pathogenesis of incurable, chronic disease states of the Central Nervous System, including ALS, MS, Alzheimer's disease and glioma brain tumors.

HOW CAN WE TREAT OR CURE THE DISEASES? There is currently no cure for the diseases we study, and existing medications are only partly effective.

Our main interest is thus on developing new strategies to reduce or abrogate disease symptoms.

We focus on using the body’s own myeloid cells as a means of treating the same individual through ‘personalised cell therapy’ or by targeting these cells for immunomodulation.

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Pedagogiska meriter

Undergraduate teaching - M.Sc Biomedicine, Medical Degree - within the fields of myeloid cell biology, immunotherapy and autoimmunity

Postgradauate teaching - within the fields of myeloid cell biology, immunotherapy and autoimmunity

Postdoctoral/Professional development teaching - PhD supervisor training, Principle Investigator training, Leadership training

I teach extensively within these areas both at KI, nationally in Sweden and internationally.


1987 Portsmouth Polytechnic, BSc(Hons) Biology -Upper Second Class.

1991University College London, D.Phil.

1999 Associate Professor in Molecular Medicine, Karolinska Institutet.

2013 Professor in Immunotherapy of Neuroimmunologicaldiseases, Karolinska Institutet.

Akademiska priser och utmärkelser

Wellcome Trust Travel Fellow recipient1994-1996

British Council Visiting Professor Award 1996

KI pedagogy prize 2014