Renske Altena

Renske Altena

Anknuten till Forskning

Senior consultant in oncology and internal medicine Karolinska Comprehensive Cancer Center
Clinician Scientist and principal investigator

Om mig

Associate Professor in Oncology. Principal Investigator (PI) for Cogni-Thyr study (NCT05088187), MIMIR-mTNBC trial (NCT05742269), as well as the PREDIX II HER2 trial (NCT03894007; terminated due to safety issues in comparable trial).  

Deputy-PI in the HER2-PET (EU CT 2022-000486-41) and Neo-ACT (NCT05184582) investigator-initiated trials. In addition, I coordinate a number of side-studies to already running and completed clinical trials, such as a cognition substudy to the OptiTrain clinical trial (NCT02522260) and a PET-scan substudy in the PREDIX HER2 trial (NCT02568839). I am local PI for other multicenter clinical trials, both academic as well as industry-initiated studies. 


Broadly, my ongoing research activities can be divided into two topics;

a) Molecular nuclear imaging to improve precision medicine by refining therapy selection.

b) Improved understanding of cancer treatment-related toxicities and thereby enhancing healthy cancer survivorship.


Pedagogiska meriter

Over 170 hours teaching to undergraduate and doctoral students

Courses - KI's Introductory Course for Doctoral Supervisors (2022); Grundläggande Högskolpedagogik (2019); Teach the Teacher (2012)