Rebecka Teglind


Om mig

In my background as an osteologist I have performed several different tasks including analyses, documentation of human skeletal remains and investigation and excavating places of execution. During my studies in England in 2016-2017, I studied human anatomy, jurisprudence, DVI (disaster victim identification), crime scene investigation and management, and I used this knowledge in a master thesis on forensic 3D documentation on human bone trauma. As a forensic anthropologist I am also trained in the knowledge of international conflicts and natural disasters dealing with DVI from e.g. earthquakes, aeroplane casualties, mass graves and terrorist offences. I am currently a Ph.D student at Karolinska Institute in Forensic Medicine and I'm also employed at the National Board of Forensic Medicine in Stockholm Sweden.  


Age estimation and provenance analysis of human bones

This project aims to develop new methods and improve existing methods to determine the year of birth and geographical origin of unknown deceased.

The main aim of the study is to develop a strategy to estimate the year of birth and age at death of unknown dead human bodies and unknown human skeletal remains to be applied on for example, victims of crime and or mass disasters to simplify the identification work. The result of these studies may also provide some basic information about the turnover rates of biological components in the human skeleton. Still today we have little knowledge on the metabolism and turnover rates of different bones. 

Pedagogiska meriter

Wehlin, J., Teglind, R., Sten, S., Thorell, E. & Carlsson, E., (2018). Avrättningar och centralorganisation i Dalarnas Stora Tuna under den tidiga medeltiden. Nya analyser av benen från Kyrkskolan. (Executions and centralised organisation at Stora Tuna in Dalecarlia during post-Viking times. New analyses of human remains from the Kyrkskolan site.) Fornvännen 113. Stockholm.

Wehlin, Joakim & Teglind, Rebecka (2017). En ny berättelse om skeletten från kyrkskolan. (A new story on the skeletons from the church school). Tunum: Tunabygdens hembygdsförenings årsskrift. 2017, s. 41-49. Borlänge: Tunabydgens Hembydgsförening Gammelgården.


2017 MSc Forensic Anthropology

Bournemouth University, England 

Level 7 

Key Modules: Bodies of Evidence – Skeletal Changes before and After Death, Crime Scene Management and Forensic Science, Human Functional Anatomy, Principles and Methods in Human Osteology, Professional Practice in Forensic Science, Research Project (dissertation).



2016 BA (Hons) Archaeology with a focus on osteology

University of Uppsala, Campus Gotland, Sweden

Key Modules: Osteology, A, Osteology B, Archaeology with focus on Osteology C, (BA dissertation) Cultural Anthropology A, Cultural Anthropology B, Political Science 1.