Om mig

I am a PhD student in the social gerontology group (Carin Lennartsson) at Aging Research Center (ARC), Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS) and I am employed by Stiftelsen Stockholms läns Äldrecentrum as an industrial PhD student. This means that I divide my time between the workplaces and conduct research in close collaboration with the organisations that carry out development and clinical work in the health care sector in Stockholm.

I have a master's degree in nursing and a specialist nursing degree as a district nurse. My clinical background is in primary care, mainly in basic home health care. Working as a district nurse in home care means working almost exclusively with older patients (the majority are 80+) and leading the nursing work in collaboration with many other health and care providers, not least in municipal social care for older people.

I have academic and teaching experience from assignments and research projects at the Academic Primary Healthcare Centre (APC), Region Stockholm. My assignments have mainly concerned quality development and implementation in the field of care and health in ageing, interprofessional learning in clinical education and continuing education for registered nurses and specialist nurses.


The research project explores the life conditions of first-time social health care users 65+ to see if there is a pattern between different groups and if the situation has changed over time. The project also investigates how these people perceive the assessment of their needs and how well social care services match their perceived needs. The research project is a collaboration between Stiftelsen Stockholms läns Äldrecentrum and Aging Research Center (ARC), Social Gerontology Group at KI, and combines quantitative studies of register data from Snac Stockholm Äldreomsorg and VAL (Region Stockholm) with qualitative studies of interviews with first-time social care users. The project aims to increase knowledge about the ability of social care services to meet the needs and expectations of the older people it is intended to support.