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Nina-Katri Gustafsson

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Om mig

I work as a researcher at STAD (Stockholm prevents alcohol and drug problems) (, a unit within the Centre for Psychiatry Research at the Karolinska Institutet. My research has been focused on alcohol consumption and related harm, alcohol policy, children of substance users and explanations of substance use (cultural context, situations, peer influence).


Current research projects

Narkotikakartläggning i 7 län [Mapping narcotic use in 7 counties]

Barngruppstudien – En effektstudie av stödgruppsinterventioner för barn som anhöriga i åldern 7-13 år [The Child group study – An effect study of support groups interventions for kindered children aged 7-13 years]

Ansvarsfull alkoholservering – en 25-års uppföljning [Responsible serving of alcohol – 25 years follow-up]

Pilotstudie av Trefas – fördjupad samverkansmetod mot skjutvapenvåldet på Järva [Pilot study of Trefas – increased collaboration method against gun violence at Järva]

Cannabis information för studenthälsan och utsatta områden [Cannabis information for student health and vulnerable areas]

Pedagogiska meriter

I have taught the following courses at departments of public health, sociology, social work:


Migration, integration and health*

Youth in the late modern society: The smartphone generation from a public health perspective*

Introduction to Public Health Sciences

Social problems*

Basic sociology*

Foundations in Applied Statistics*

Sociological analysis

Basic Statistics 2*

Evaluation methods*

Introduction to Sociology

Sociological Alcohol Research

The Welfare State from a Sociological Perspective*

Integration course: Alcohol research


Course responsibility marked with *


Ph.D. in Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University, 2010