Niklas Juth

Niklas Juth

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Om mig

Niklas Juth är universitetslektor och docent i medicinsk etik vid Karolinska Institutet. 


My current main research interests are in ethics and bioethics and the intersection between political philosophy and medical ethics, e.g. autonomy and justice in health care. My main focus the last couple of years has been compulsory care (within both sometic and psychiatric care) and priority setting issues (e.g. regarding the principle of need and orphan drugs). I am still active in the Stockholm Centre for Health Care Ethics (CHE) project “Prioritizing in Health Care: The Reasonableness and Applicability of the Principles of Cost-Efficiency, Need, and Responsibility”: I am also doing research within the areas of experimental ethics, end-of-life care, the ethics of screening, prenatal diagnosis, and genethics.


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