Nathaniel Hidalgo

Nathaniel Hidalgo


Om mig

Clinical psychologist, specialist in neuropsychology, PhD student at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience and the Centre for Psychiatry Research.


My PhD project intends to focus on two areas: 1. Psychoeducational interventions for intellectually able adults with autism and their close relations. The intervention (Prisma) intends to be a highly accessible effort that includes all adults with an ASD diagnosis regardless of the broad variability and presence of comorbidities.

2. The other and greater part of my PhD project aims to aid the precision medicine development in ASD by investigating putative neurochemical and behavioral stratification markers in a dimensional strategy using narrowly defined phenotype measurements rather than only the categorical ASD diagnosis. This is in line with Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) which highlights a framework of basic dimensions of functions for normal and abnormal behavior beyond the arbitrary diagnostic categories.  


Hidalgo, N., Sjöwall, D., Agius, H. et al. Psychoeducational group intervention for intellectually able adults with autism and their close relations (Prisma) – an open feasibility study. BMC Psychiatry 22, 556 (2022).


M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology at Uppsala University in 2010.  Specialist training, Neuropsychology 2012–2020 (The specialist training is based on the Swedish Psychological Association's specialist order, which regulates specialist areas and competence levels within the psychology profession).