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Muhammad Irfan

Muhammad Irfan

Anknuten till Forskning


I am working on the Role of SNAP-25 alternative splice variants in long term activity dependent Synaptic Plasticity. Understanding the Neurochemical co-relates of synaptic transmission is crucial towards the complete understanding of how synaptic transmission contributes in neuronal networks formation, Long/Short term Potentiation and Depression, which possibly can unravel the important pathways in learning and memory formation as well as some major etiologies underlying neurochemical & neurological illnesses.


For this purpose, we are making use of sophisticated gene-targeted mouse mutants, where only one isoform of SNAP-25 is expressed at a time, and we are using molecular biology, electrophysiology (patch-clamping in acute hippocampal slices) and advance imaging (two-photon laser scanning microscopy & confocal imaging) techniques to understand the roles of individual alternative splice variants of SNAP-25.


Master in Neurosciences: Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium

Master in Pharmacy: University of Peshawar, Pakistan 

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