Maria Genander

Senior forskare


Our group is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling stem cell maintenance, lineage specification and differentiation. These processes have to be tightly controlled to ensure self-renewing tissues with a life-long supply of cells during homeostasis. We use skin as our model system to study signaling pathways important for regulating epidermal and hair follicle stem cells in development, homeostasis and disease.    


Current Projects

Its is becoming clear that mechanisms important for developing tissues are often reused in cancers. Cancer stem cells drive tumor formation, analogous to how normal stem cells maintain tissues. We are characterizing transcriptional networks regulating properties of embryonic epidermal stem cells and squamous cell carcinoma cancer stem cells to identify unique and common signatures, with the long term aims of identifying novel therapeutic targets.


Current Lab Members


Christina Kantzer, Post Doc

Anna Mourskaia, Post Doc

Vera Shirokova, Post Doc

Srivathsa Magadi, Post Doc

Kim Vikhe Patil, PhD student

David Grommisch, PhD student


Interested in joining the lab?

Master and PhD projects may be available in the lab. Postdoctoral applications are welcome! Contact me directly via email.