Dr. Manzur Kader

Manzur Kader


Postdoctoral Researcher in Football Epidemiology
PhD (Medical science), Lund University,
MPH (Public health nutrition), Karolinska Institutet,
MSc (Global health), Uppsala University.

Om mig

  • Postdoctoral researcher to investigate the health outcomes of Swedish footballers later in life, at the Department of Medicine, Clinical Epidemiology Unit.
  • Affiliated researcher on shift work and negative health outcomes in Swedish health care employees, at IMM, Occupational Medicine Unit.
  • Teaching and supervision at the postgraduate level in Sweden.
  • Honorary Assistant Professor at Jessore University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh. 

Postdoc position, Dept. of Medicine, March 2022-ongoing: To investigate the associations between playing football on the elite level and the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders later in life. The project aims to establish the largest cohort of football players in the world, including both elite/professional male footballers, and female and male amateur and youth football players of various levels and types collaborating with the Swedish Football Association and using the nationwide health registers.

Affiliated to Research, Occupational Medicine, IMM, 2022-2024: As a co-recipient of research funding awarded by FORTE, I am involved in a project “Night work, working hours and common mental disorders (PATOHS)” (2022-2024), led by Theo Bodin, which is an extension of the previous project- “Working hours and health (ATHOS).

Postdoc position, Occupational Medicine, IMM, 2018-2021: Recently completed a postdoctoral position in Occupational medicine investigating the impact of shift/night work, and long working hours on the risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, and pregnancy outcomes among Swedish health care employees; the ATHOS project. 

Honorary Assistant Professor, 2022- ongoing: Jessore University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.


◆ Extensively worked with large-scale Swedish registers used in population-based studies. Skills in prospective cohort and intervention studies and psychometric analysis of a scale, and using statistical programs SAS and SPSS.

◆ Research interests in the broad areas of Public Health/ Global Health, Epidemiology, large-scale data, Shift work/working hours, Non-communicable diseases, Nutrition, Overweight/obesity, Women's and Children's health, and Physiotherapy, as well as psychometric analysis of a questionnaire/scale.

◆ Skills in writing scientific reports/articles and systematic reviews. Published 30+ articles in peer-reviewed journals, including 20+ articles as the first, or last/senior, and the corresponding author.

◆ Enjoy engaging myself in diverse and challenging tasks with a passion for problem-solving.


Current Project: Neurodegenerative Disease and Psychiatric Disorders among Elite, Amateur, and Youth Football Players in Sweden: Register-based Cohort Studies

Aims Repetitive minor head trauma, e.g., through the heading of a football, has been suggested to increase the risk of neurodegenerative disease and certain psychiatric disorders. This has led to much concern regarding the safety of football, a sport played by over 250 million people worldwide. Collaborating with the Swedish Football Association, we will perform epidemiological studies on neurodegenerative disease and psychiatric disorders among footballers. The project aims to establish the largest cohort of football players in the world, including both elite/professional male footballers, and female and male amateur and youth football players of various levels and types using the nationwide health registers. The overall aim is to improve the health of elite, amateur, and youth football players and avoid these players suffering from neurodegenerative disease and psychiatric disorders by providing data that could inform decisions regarding rules, practice guidelines, and risk-benefit trade-offs associated with participation in the sport. The project PI is Peter Ueda and is funded by the Swedish Brain Foundation (Hjärnfonden).

Pedagogiska meriter

I am a teacher, examiner, and supervisor in professional master's programs, such as "Public Health Epidemiology" and "Occupation and Health" at Karolinska Institutet. I also teach and supervise students in Epidemiology, Occupation and Health, and Global Health in other universities in Sweden and abroad. I have been invited as a teacher/speaker at various national and international events, for example,

- Invited teacher in a course of Epidemiology arranged by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology), held in Sonderborg, Denmark, where the participants were from 14 different nationalities. 


PhD- Medical science (with specialization in Physiotherapy), Lund University, Sweden, 2018.

MPH- Public Health Nutrition,  Karolinska Institute, Sweden, 2012.

MSc- Global health, Uppsala university, Sweden, 2010.

I have received further advanced education and training in several topics, for instance, Sports Medicine, Epidemiology, Statistics, Degenerative diseases, and Autism spectrum disorders.

Akademiska priser och utmärkelser

I have won several grants, scholarships, and awards for his work, some examples are:

FORTE Research Grant, Sweden- 3.8 million SEK, October 2021. To study “Night work, working hours and common mental disorders" (co-recipient, the main recipient: Theo Bodin).

The Faculty of Medicine Research Grant, Lund University, Sweden, total 11500 USD (90300 SEK). November 2017. For academic excellence in the doctoral work.

Neuro Foundation Research Grant, Sweden- 7600 USD (62500 SEK), September 2017. To study “Perceived walking difficulties and need for mobility devices among people with Parkinson's disease" (co-recipient, the main recipient: Maria H Nilsson).

MultiPark Conference Grant, Multidisciplinary Research in Parkinson's disease (MultiPark), Lund University, 1700 USD (15000 SEK), April 2017. To attend “the 21st International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders”, Vancouver BC, Canada.

SWEAH Conference Grant,  Swedish National Graduate School on Ageing and Health (SWEAH), 2000 USD (18000 SEK), April 2016. To attend "the 4th World Parkinson Congress", Portland, Oregon, USA.

Norrbacka-Eugenia Foundation Research Grant, Stockholm, 8900 USD (75000 SEK), September 2015. To study “Accessibility problems, fall-related activity avoidance and the need for mobility devices among people with Parkinson's disease" (co-recipient, the main recipient: Maria H Nilsson).

Conference Grant,  Dept. of Health Sciences, Lund University, Sweden, 442 USD (4000 SEK),  April 2015. To attend “Nordic Conference on Advances in Health Care Sciences”, Stockholm.

Travel Grants, MultiPark, and the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University, Sweden, 7000 SEK, and 1500 SEK, January 2015.To attend a course at Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University, Sweden.