Om mig

I have been working at the Division of Nursing since 2010 involved in courses at the nursing programme and at the study programme in specialist nursing, mainly regarding nursing in mental health care and psychiatry. I have been assigned as teacher, course leader and examiner in several courses over the last ten years, and I have supervised several bachelor thesis at the nursing programme, and degree projects at the specialist programme in mental health care.  

In 1998-2010 I have been working as a RN specialised in mental health care at the Uppsala University Hospital. Since 2009 I have a PhD in Caring Sciences from the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University.

Currently I am assigned as course leader for the courses Mental health nursing, 7,5 hp (2PV006) and Psychiatric and mental health nursing 15 hp (2PV007) at the Study programme in specialist nursing – Mental health care, and for the campus course Degree project in nursing 15 hp (1SJ030) at the Study programme in nursing.

Since 2019 I have been assigned as assistant programme director at the Study programme in specialist nursing.


My area of interest regarding research is mainly in psychiatric and mental health care and pedagogy.

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