Leo Kowalski


I work as a research assistant in the Behavioral Informatics team at the Health Informatics Center. My work consists in using to data-driven methods to optimize health interventions.

Om mig

After playing music my entire life I switched focus to studying cognitive science. My primary ambition in this field is to understand human motivation and the decision-making processes that shape our behavior. With this knowledge I hope to find ways of promoting improved everyday decisions to increase health and well-being. 


My research aims to develop a data-driven monitoring system to effectively track work-related stress reactions over time. Experience sampling data from health-care workers is used to model predictors of long-term stress in order to detect at-risk individuals.

Various interventions to improve recovery behaviors are compared using a factorial design to determine the optimal system for promoting health. The combination of predicting at-risk individuals and developing an evidence-based intervention aspires to provide directed, timely, and effective interventions to prevent long-term health problems. 


Bachelor of Music and Cognitive Science, Indiana University

Master´s degree in Cognitive Science - Linköping University