Josephine Nilsson

Josephine Nilsson


Om mig

My career started with Criminal Justice, but soon evolved into a broad interest in the human brain, human behavior, and the visual system. After I received my bachelor’s degree in 2014, I worked as a vision therapist for two years in Chicago, USA, followed by seven years as an optical assistant. I have a deep interest in optics, specifically in how oculomotor function and binocular vision affect human perception. I am interested how the visual system can improve quality of life and what visual markers can be used in the detection and recovery of head trauma. I am a self-proclaimed optical nerd and love learning and talking about the human brain and its visual system.


Master of Science in Psychology from Stockholm University, 2020-2022

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, USA, 2010-2014