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I am a PhD-student at Karolinska Institutet since May 2015 and parallel to my doctoral studies I work clinically in the Emergency medical services in Stockholm as a specialist nurse in prehospital care.


My research area is non-conveyance assessments in an Emergency Medical Service [EMS] context. Non-conveyance assessments have been described as complexed, challenging and risky for the ambulance clinicians [ACs] to perform. There is a growing body of research that recognises the importance and need of deepened knowledge regarding assessments of patients leading up to a non-conveyance decision in an EMS context.

An EMS in transition in accordance with society requires alternative care pathways in relation to overcrowded emergency departments and growing demands on ambulance resource utilization. Non-conveyance is one of these alternative care pathways and has been identified as one of the most complex and challenging assessments that the ACs conduct. The knowledge gap regarding non-conveyance includes on the one hand quantitative parameters such as patient characteristics and outcomes that from a patient safety perspective is fundamental to gain further knowledge of and on the other hand knowledge of a more qualitative character such as patients’ and ACs’ lived experiences of the non-conveyance assessment situations.

The overall aim with the PhD-project is to describe and analyse situations when patients are not conveyed by the ambulance to a healthcare facility. Furthermore, it is intended to explore the lived experiences by patients’ and ACs’ of these situations.

Study I and II have an epidemiological study design, thus focusing on patient outcome, patient safety and risk factors associated with non-conveyance. Study III and IV will be conducted in accordance with a phenomenological lifeworld research perspective and deep open-ended interviews with non-conveyed patients respectively ambulance clinicians will be performed.

I am also part of the research group "Ambulatory Care" at KI,

Pedagogiska meriter

2015-2017 Lecturer at Sophiahemmet Univeristy, Postgraduate Programme in Specialist Nursing – Prehospital Care


2009 - Degree of Bachelor of Medical Science, Main field of study: Nursing

2009 - Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing

2012 - Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Nursing Prehospital Emergency Care

2012 - Degree of Master of Science with a major in Caring Science