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Ida Mälarstig


Psychologist/PhD-student who is driven by the aim to increase knowledge and access to psychological treatments for youth with substance use disorder and criminal behaviour in compulsory care.

Om mig

Before I started my doctoral studies I worked in a psychiatric clinic for refugees and asylum-seekers, specializing in treating post-traumatic stress disorder. This sparked a strong interest in the availability of evidence-based care for patients in vulnerable living situations. In 2021 I wrote a report on interpreter-mediated psychological treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, in collaboration with Stockholm University and the Centre for Psychiatry Research at KI, funded by Region Stockholm. 

Earlier in my career, I worked with psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders, using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, with a special interest in Relational Frame Theory. 

I finished the psychotherapist program with an additional exam as a Specialist in Clinical Psychology at Stockholm University in the spring of 2022. 





Project Manager and PhD-student in a research project on evaluating and adjusting a behavioral treatment, the Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach, A-CRA, to compulsory institutional care for youth with criminal behavior and substance use disorder. The studies in my thesis are

1) A randomized pilot study to evaluate feasibility of the study protocol

2) A multi-center randomized controlled study to evaluate treatment effects of A-CRA in compulsory institutional care

3) Two interview studies to investigate the experiences of the counselors and youth conducting and undergoing A-CRA in compulsory institutional care

4) A register study to evaluate the long term effects of A-CRA


-Psychotherapist and Specialist in Clinical Psychology, Stockholm University, 2018-2022.

-Master of Science in Psychology, Stockholm University, 2008-2013.