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Hillevi Bergvall


Om mig

I am a licensed psychologist, graduated at Stockholm university in 2009. My previous experience includes several years of assessment and treatment of affective and anxiety disorders, and co-founding a psychiatric clinic. Currently, my role as a director of studies for the psychologists' internship, PTP, in Region Stockholm, includes the education of150 interns and supervisors yearly. I am also doing my doctoral studies at the Dept. of Clinical Neuroscience at KI. I work at the Competence Centre for Psychotherapy, within the Centre for Psychiatry Research, which is part of both KI and Region Stockholm Healthcare Services. 


The topic of my doctoral studies is the quality assessment of cognitive-behavioural therapy. My first study examined the competence development among psychology and psychotherapy studients. My second study examined therapist competence, therapist adherence and patient outcome in routine psychiatric care. My third study examines therapist adherence in routine psychiatric care from a patient perspective. As a psychology student (then named Brinkborg), I conducted a randomized controlled trial on a stress intervention for social workers. 


Bergvall, H., Ghaderi, A., Andersson, J., Lundgren, T., Andersson, G., & Bohman, B. (2023). Development of competence in cognitive-behavioral therapy and the role of metacognition among psychology and psychotherapy students. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy. 

Bergvall, H./Larsson, C., Strålin, E. E., Bohman, B., & Alfonsson, S. (2023). Perceived effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical psychology internships in Sweden. BMC Medical Education. 

Brinkborg, H., Michanek, J., Hesser, H., & Berglund, G. (2011). Acceptance and commitment therapy for the treatment of stress among social workers: a randomized controlled trial. Behaviour research and therapy49(6-7), 389–398.

Pedagogiska meriter

Director of studies for the psychologists' internship in Region Stockholm since 2016. Teaching topics include professional development for psychologists, clinical supervising, assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, and quality assessment in routine clinical care.