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Hanna Jansson

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Om mig

Recruited to Karolinska Institutet in 2006 to build up the recently formed Unit for Bioentrepreneurship (UBE). Today I am the Unit Manager, leading the unit towards the next level, as an acknowledged part of the innovation system for health.


As a project manager I have initiated and managed several externally funded projects. These projects have focused on changing the attitudes towards innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as implementation of elements of creativity and entrepreneurship within the education. Different projects have taken the student perspective, working with inspiration and role models, the teacher perspective, working with practical tools, and recently a more strategic perspective involving the managers of Departments and Study programmes.

My research background is within medical genetics, focusing on sensitive forensic DNA analysis, at Uppsala University. As a researcher I have experience in managing a research project with potential commercial value, working in close collaboration with a company and filing patent applications. I am now starting up research in line with the projects mentioned above.


During my years at Karolinska Institutet I have developed and directed several courses. For example, in 2010 I presented the first course, in the Stockholm region, focusing on service innovation and business within healthcare (From Idea to Service Business – Transforming Healthcare). I have also been responsible for the development of several training modules and seminar series, e.g. To work entrepreneurially for undergraduate students, Career Tools – Understanding and Building your Career Platform for doctoral students and Get Down to Business – Entrepreneurial Learning for university teachers. Over the years I have also been the course director for three of the different courses within the Master’s programme in Bioentrepreneurship that was launched by her unit in 2008.

Akademiska priser och utmärkelser

2010: IRIS stipendiet, KvinnorKan. 50 000 SEK