Håkan Ottosson

Håkan Ottosson

Senior lab manager

BioNut Work Environmet and Lab Safety Coordinator

Om mig

I got my PhD in organic chemistry, with a focus on the synthesis of carbohydrates. For a number of years I have worked with research in the pharmaceutical industry but have also been working with IT issues for a long time.

In recent years, I have been working on chemical synthesis of small molecules that could possibly lead to new ways of attacking infections. Before that, it was synthesis with a focus on carbohydrates. I have synthesized glycosylated drug substances but also other carbohydrate chemistry and have worked with the synthesis of drug substances. In addition, I have participated in a project to connect biologically active carbohydrates to the surface of paper. I have also handled the IT infrastructure with networks, databases, e-mail, servers, etc.

Pedagogiska meriter

2014 -            Karolinska Institutet, Dept. of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut), Lecturer Food Chemistry

2004              Stockholm University Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Dept. of Physical, Inorganic and Structural Chemistry, Teaching assistant.

1991 – 1993  Stockholm University Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Lecturer.

1981 – 1989  Stockholm University Dept. of Organic Chemistry, Lecturer and teaching assistant.


1989 Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Stockholm University.

1981 Högskoleex. Kemistlinjen (~B.Sc., Chemistry), Stockholm University

1977 Naturvetenskaplig linje (High school science program), Wargentinsskolan, Östersund.