Gysbert-Botho van Setten, MD.  PhD (Germany) LKT (FINLAND), Docent (SWEDEN)

Gysbert van Setten

Anknuten till Forskning

Details of wound healing, cell behavior on a molecular level, identification of key actors of major pathways influencing cell reaction and their clinical applications are key elements of my research.

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Main stages of medical education and specialization: 1980-1987 Univ.Bonn, Germany : General Medicine, 1983-1987: Univ. Eye Clinic, Dept of Ophthalmology, Univ.Bonn, Germany; 08/1987-08/1992:University Eye Clinic,Helsinki,Finland, 09/1992-10/1992:Dept.of Neurology, Univ.Helsinki, Finland, 10/1992-12/1992:Dept. of Ob/Gyn, Univ.Florida, Gainesville, USA; from 01/1993 S:t Eriks Eye Clinic & KI, Stockholm, Sweden

Dissertation (PhD) I:  1987,Bonn, Germany: YAG laser;  Dissertation (PhD) II: 1991, Helsinki, Finland: EGF & enzymes in tear fluid.  PostDoc: University of Florida UF,  Gainesville, Fl, USA;  Specialist in OphthalmologyDocent  (Ass.Professor) in Clinical Ophthalmology, KI  Guest Professor at CNRS, Paris, France  (1997), repeatedly Lector at the KI, KliV, HS  (1997, 1998, 1999, 2001),   Courtesy Ass. Prof. Ob/Gyn University of Florida,USA  (2000-) .

Current main occupation:  Senior anterior segment surgeon 

Current  R & D activity :  Anterior segment surgery and wound healing,  dry eye disease, 

Experience in patent issues. holder of one own patents, various patent applications

Scientifically active, engaged in basic research and clinical trials.