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Fredrik Nilsson

Cell phone: 070 452 95 35

Fredrik Nilsson


Cell phone: 070 452 95 35

Om mig

Engineer raised in Umeå who likes outdoor life, hunting, fishing, skiing and being out in the wild, playing guitar and various other string instruments.

Has trained everything from athletics, soccer, ice hockey, bandy, floorball to various martial arts such as kickboxing, taekwondo and karate.

Pedagogiska meriter

Leader in troop gymnastics at Brommagymnasterna and a member of the National Children's Committee and Educator at the Swedish Gymnastics Association.

Board member and leader in athletics at Tureberg's Athletics and leader in football at Sollentuna Football Club.

Has a broad base of knowledge from both the private and government sector and works as a manager since 2008.



Engineer, Umeå University: Subject area Electrical, data and systems engineering

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