Dennis Lndqvisti

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Om mig

Dennis Lindqvist has a degree in chemical engineering (with focus on analytical chemistry) from Uppsala University and a Ph.D. in environmental chemistry from Stockholm University. He works as a researcher and divides his time between his home university Stockholm University (Department of environmental Science) and Karolinska Institute (Institute of environmental medicine) where he is affiliated.


My research is largely focused on the health of wildlife in the Baltic Sea, particularly that of fish. I have a specific interest in phytochemicals of environmental concern in the Baltic Sea, both the good, such as vitamins (specifically thiamine), and the bad, such as algae toxins (particularly hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers). I develop analytical methods, study transport and transformation of chemicals in nature, conduct exposure monitoring, and toxicity testing of chemicals.

My current research at KI is related to mixture toxicity (of both natural and anthropogenic compounds) using zebrafish embryo models. The project is focused on effects on the immune system with the goal to further our understanding of how exposure to chemical mixtures can adversely affect the immune system of fish in Baltic Sea.