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Chantelle Murley


Om mig

I am a doctoral student in Emilie Friberg's research group working within the multiple sclerosis (MS) project. My doctoral research project is titled “Work disability, economic situation, and societal costs of multiple sclerosis in Sweden”. 

My research is on the working life and income of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) as well as the societal costs of MS incurred from healthcare use and days off work. MS is a chronic and often progressive neurological disease characterised by heterogeneity and a wide range of physical and cognitive symptoms. People with MS may require sickness absence (SA) or disability pension (DP) benefits if they are unable to work because of their MS. Receiving SA or DP benefits is referred to as having work disability. I study aspects of work disability among people in Sweden around the time of their MS diagnosis. I am interested in the patterns of work disability, income (sources and levels), and working life trajectories of people with MS as well as the societal cost of illness.