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I did my undergraduate studies and PhD in Uppsala, in biotechnology engineering and biomaterials. My research was in regenerative medicine, in particular bone and cartilage regeneration. After my disseration I moved to Karolinska and CMM to do my postdoc at the Rheumatology unit with prof Lars Klareskog and prof Helena Harris continuing and extending my cartilage regeneration studies into the field of osteoarthritis and rheumatology - and I am still enjoying and struggling doing science here!


Pre-clinical studies of inflammation and pain in osteoarthritis – Development of local therapies using injectable polymer materials

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, with pain and joint destruction as the primary symptoms. Inflammation is a contributing factor to the development of OA, but in contrast to the successful anti-inflammatory treatments established for rheumatoid arthritis neutralization of TNF and  IL-1 have demonstrated modest or no effects in OA. This has led us to study other inflammatory mediators such as alarmins and oxidative stress related products that may contribute to inflammation and enhancing the catabolic processes in the joint. 

Our overall aim is to develop local therapies targeting inflammation and pain. This is done by utilizing injectable materials, developed in collaboration with Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala. The materials could be designed either to neutralize harmful products by functionalizing the material itself, or by functioning as a drug delivery vehicle for anabolic or anti-inflammatory cues.

By combining cell studies, mouse models and analysis of patient material, I aim to study the role of inflammatory mediators in OA, their association to pain as well as their neutralization using materials designed as polymeric scavengers as a potential therapy. This is a first step in development of combination therapies directed against alternative inflammatory mediators with the possibility of cartilage regeneration.

Some of my projects:

  • Study the role of the alarmin HMGB1 in OA and its potential as therapeutic target
  • Investigate the effect of oxidative stress related products in chondrocytes and evaluate their therapeutic potential in experimental OA with regards to pain and joint destruction
  • Develop therapies inducing cartilage regeneration