Anna Asarnoj

Anna Undeman Asarnoj

Anknuten till Forskning

MD PhD, Associate Professor
Senior Consultant, Pediatric Allergist
Program Director for the Karolinska University Hospital Pediatrics Residency Program

Om mig

Besides my clinical and educational duties, I am a teamleader (team Asarnoj) at KBH, KI. I have conducted allergy research for more than 16 years with early focus on molecular allergology and food allergy. I am the principal investigator, initiator and study designer of the 'SmaChO study – Small Children Oral Immunotherapy' (data collection will be finished in 2025) and PI for an upcoming food oral immunotherapy study with a planned start of data collection in 2024. I cooperate closely with the research team at KI SöS - ass. Prof. Caroline Nilsson and Prof, Erik Melén. In the population based BAMSE study (N=4089), the cohort used for my PhD project, I have projects about food allergy and molecular allergology and -omics. I'm also active as a co-supervisor in several research projects: A clinical rhinitis project (within BAMSE), a clinical study on toddlers with wheeze (GEWAC), an immunology project at Stockholm University (SmaChO). Furthermore, I'm very active in teaching medical students, residents (programme director of 40 residents in pediatrics at Karolinska University Hospital) and collegues and in public settings. I have also written a book about food allergy and hypersensitivity among children, it was published March 2023 and has received much attention in both social and traditional media.

Present position and commitments:

Associate Professor, team leader, KBH, KI

Full time employee as Senior Consultant and Pediatric Allergist at Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergy, Astrid Lindgren Children´s Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital

Program Director for the Karolinska Pediatrics Residency Program (approx. 40 resident doctors)

Clinical research position at Stockholm Regional Council 2020-2023

Higher Clinical research position at Stockholm Regional Council 2024-2025(-2027)

Board member Swedish Association for Allergology (treasurer)

Board member The Samariten foundation for paediatric research

Member of Education Committee at Swedish Paediatric Society

Editorial board member of “Barnläkaren” The Swedish Paediatric Society member’s journal

Member of Scientific Committee for The Pediatric Research Foundation at Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital