Ann Malmenholt

Ann Malmenholt

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Om mig

In 2014 I started my PhD studies on children with speech sound disorders related to childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and children born with Cleft Palate. Since graduating from the Karolinska Institute Speech Language Pathology program in 2003, I have worked clinically at Karolinska University Hospital with assessment and intervention of children with speech sound disorders and language impairment. Dysphagia in children and adolescents is another clinical group of interest to me as well as children born with Cleft Lip and Palate. 


My thesis titel is: Speech and language in 5-year-old children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech or Cleft Palate The overall aim is exploratory: to describe and improve our understanding of speech and language in children with CAS at 5 years of age. The project will assess and describe the speech of children diagnosed with CAS and a group of patients born with cleft palate ± lip of which about 50 % have persistent speech errors at age 5. Children with CP±L will therefore be screened for speech and motor speech difficulties and when difficulties are present evaluated looking for deficits related to apraxia. Having a severe speech sound disorder can mask language deficits. Thus, the children’s language competence will also be assessed and communication abilities in every day life studied using parental ratings. The emerging speech and language profiles within groups and between groups will increase knowledge about the varying difficulties seen in children with CAS and CP±L.

Pedagogiska meriter

I am involved in teaching, giving lectures within the courses on speech and language disorders as well as dysphagia in childhood at the Speech Language Pathology program.