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Mina forskningsintressen är beteendeterapi, speciellt relaterat till tredje vågen och Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, experimentell analys av språkande och kognition som beteenden samt psykoterapitutbildning.


Larsson, A., Hooper, N., Osborne, L. A., Bennett, P., & McHugh, L. (2015) Using Brief Cognitive Restructuring and Cognitive Defusion Techniques to Cope With Negative Thoughts. Behavior Modification [pubmed:26685210]

Duff, H., Larsson, A., & McHugh, L. (2015). Evaluations of self-referential thoughts and their association with components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, Available online 25 November 2015, ISSN 2212-1447,

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