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Alessandro Gallina

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I am a PhD candidate in medical sciences in Peder Olofsson’s group at Bioclinicum, Karolinska Institute (Solna). Before joining Olofsson’s Lab I worked as master’s candidate and research assistant in Ana Teixeira’s group, in Biomaterial Division at Biomedicum, Karolinska Institute. I graduated with Laude in Neuroscience (Msc), from University of Trieste in partnership with SISSA (Trieste, Italy), and I achieved my bachelor degree in Biological sciences, from Roma Tre University (Rome, Italy).  


I have in-depth experience with both in vitro and in vivo studies as well as several biochemical techniques. During the last years, my projects spanned from investigating how materials with different mechanical proprieties affect differentiation of neuroepithelial pluripotent stem cells, to expanding the knowledge regarding molecular mechanisms at the base of the “inflammatory reflex”, through which the brain ameliorates inflammation decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines levels. Currently, I am working on the interplay between neural control of atherosclerosis development and progression, and characterization of human T cells able to express and secrete the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

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