Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is based on the fundamental core values of KI. The code clarifies responsibilities of co-workers and what is expected of each individual, mainly from a psychosocial work environment perspective.

The term "co-worker" denotes all those active at KI, whether they be employees or non-employees, such as scholarship holders and other affiliates. Students at KI have a similar code of conduct since a couple of years. Operative co-worker signed that they have read the code and are aware of their responsibility to contribute to a good working atmosphere at KI. The documents are archived at the department/equivalent. For newly employed/affiliated co-workers the code will be a part of the signed employment or affiliation contract, therefore no additional signing is requested.

On the webpage Equality and diversity you will find guidelines for handling of situations where co-workers experience discrimination or similar victimization at work.

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