Infrastructure Council

Infrastructure is becoming increasingly important for research at KI in both strategic-academic and financial terms.

Infrastructure Council:

  • Coordinates resources and investments within KI, in relation both to Region Stockholm and national and international initiatives
  • Reports formally to the Faculty Board with focus on research infrastructure
  • Has responsibility for core-facilities and research equipment


  • Infrastructure Council is led by acting Vice President appointed by the President.
  • The council includes members from both KI’s academic and administrative sectors, according to the delegation rules at KI, and can also engage additional members.
  • The council gets administrative support from Faculty Office and International Relations.
  • The mandate period for the members is 3 years.



Anders Gustafsson, Vice President


Lars Frelin, Researcher
Caroline Graff, Researcher
Jorge Ruas, Researcher
Hjalmar Brismar, Researcher

Student representative

Joachim Vist, MF 

Adjunct members

Dinos Meletis, Professor
Lars-Arne Haldosén, Committee for Higher Education
Magnus Nordenskjöld, Senior professor
Annika Tibell, R&D Director at Karolinska University Hospital
Johannes Wilbertz, Comparative Medicine
Rikard Becker, Facilites director
Erika Franzén, Deputy-chairperson of the Committee for Doctoral Education

KI:s strategi forskningsinfrastruktur 2021-2024

Strategy for KI's research infrastructure

KI's vision presupposes an increasing adaptation to cutting-edge technology and functional research infrastructure.

The Committee for research has therefore established a strategy for the work with core facilities and research infrastructure that applies until 2024 and is in line with KI strategy 2030.

Strategy for KI's research infrastructure 2021 – 2024
Action plan 
Process for developing the strategy in Swedish
Management and control of KI's research infrastructure in Swedish


Mats Andersson

Scientific coordinator

Lena Lewin

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