Forms and documents for doctoral education


Information about admission to doctoral education

Establishment of a doctoral position

Please note that the green light application form is under revision, and a new form will be used from 10 October. The present application form can be used until the new form is available online.

Decision of admission

Individual study plan

A study plan should be submitted to the KI department, not longer than one month after start of doctoral studies.

(Please note, when the new digital ISP system is implemented the forms above will not be used anymore. Ask you department what is applicable for you)

Yearly follow-up 

(Please note that this paper form is only used for those without a digital individual study plan)

Half-time Review

Thesis, public defence and degree certificate

Other documents

A funding agreement template for externally employed doctoral students can be obtained from the Legal Department by sending an email to (Legal Department). Please note that this template is not suitable for doctoral students employed by Region Stockholm, but that a another template is under construction.