Order a media production

Do you want to visualise your research in order to make it easier to communicate in your teaching? Perhaps you want to create variation in your teaching through podcasts and videos. Here you can read more and order different types of media productions.

We are fully booked with media productions until December 2021 and we therefore refer inquiries to Bildmakarna (KIB) and AV support (streaming and events).

At KI you can order different types of media productions from the Educational Technologists (Unit for Teaching and Learning) and Bildmakarna.

En filmkamera riktas mot människor i oskärpa.
Video camera. Photo: Getty Images.

You can order

Different types of film and sound production

Film and audio productions, including podcasts. Contact the Unit for Teaching and Learning via the digital teaching and learning form.


We have the resources to help you with subtitles for movies and presentations. Use the subtitle form.

Animations and illustrations

Can be used for your dissertation, scientific article, entries or for your powerpoint presentation. Digitally-produced illustrations can also be the starting point for creating animations or interactive graphics. Use the digital learning form.

Record in the studio

There is one studio in Solna, and one in Flemingsberg. Both these studios have professional equipment and software. Read more about Recording in the Studio (information only in Swedish).

Produce your own media

Do you want help to get started in producing your own media? In that case, we can assist you with one or two hours of guidance regarding for example, screen recording, using media in KI Play or recording video with your mobile phone. You book the tutorial directly yourself with an Educational Technologist.


We can help with everything from creating the elements within a course up to help with the educational design of a full online course. Contact us so we can give you a better idea of how we can help.


You can also contact Bildmakarna (KIB), for help with different types of video productions - contact Bildmakarna.