Work environment day at KI

Welcome to the sixth Work environment day, arranged by the KI Work environment committee.

Giorgio Grossi och Kerstin Jeding
Giorgio Grossi och Kerstin Jeding Foto: Eva Lindblad

Health at work in the Corona pandemic

When?  Wednesday 21st of April 2021 at 1-3.30 PM (on Zoom)

You will have the opportunity to listen to:

  • Kerstin Jeding and Giorgio Grossi who speak about the individual perspective when we work under so special conditions as we have done during the last year. Coping strategies etc.
  • Mattias Elg will give us the group and organizational perspective and “a look into the future” when it comes to working conditions.

KI-work Environment and Health Award 2021

KI’s Vice President Anders Gustafsson present the sixth Work environment & Health award to a winner. Don’t miss the chance to nominate your candidate.